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We are also proud to be stockists for Candylab cars. We fell in love with them when looking for alternative 'new baby' presents - they look fabulous in baby's nursery, can be played and played with, and we hope will be looked after for years. 

Candylab cars are the perfect gift for lovers of speed, racing, design, and the wonderful American sixties.

**Please note these cars are too big to race down a Speed Track**

Candylab Toys was born out of our desire to revive the glamorous '60s American modernist vibe and carve it into awesome contemporary wood toy designs. As artists, designers and parents we draw on many influences, not least of which are our deep love of classic American Cars and the craftsmanship spirit of mid-century artisan furniture designers. Coupled with the realization that we’re slowly drowning in forgettable toys that break and disassemble — ending in piles of plastic bits — this determined us to create a line of heirloom wood toys that are elegant, durable, and simple, giving children a chance to create their own stories around the objects they play with." [Candylab Toys]

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